*Old Orchard Beach, southeast of Mt. Katahdin*

Ah, nothing like makin' bacon on the beach. *flips the bacon on the frying pan*

Mmmmmm... bacon.

You know something?

What's that Orak?

This would be a helluva lot better if it were summer here. Brrr, I'm cold.

Then why are we here? And why am I dressed in a sleeveless shirt?

Because you complained of the dress too much. That's why.

Well, I guess I can't complain. When's the bacon gonna be done?

Soon. It's shriveling up and burning as I speak.

That's the good kind. Burnt. Though, if I was in my dragon mode, we'd be eating it by now.

Yeah, but we want it just crispy, not flame kissed.

What's wrong with my flame kiss? *winks*

*grins* Nothing's wrong with that. ^_~

*smiles, but stops* Uh. Orak. Do you hear a whistling?

*smiles* Damn bacon.

I don't think it's the bacon.

Well it ain't me.

*looks up* Orak! Look out!

*looks up* What?

*a falling bowling ball smacks Orak on top of the head*

*falls to the ground* ... ow...

Orak, you ok?

*sits up, dazed* Did somebody get the license plate number of that car? *falls*

*from the Air Castle* Sorry about that Orak!

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(Zelda: Link's Awakening - First Overworld)