*inside the Air Castle Infermery*

*laying in a bed* Oooooooooooooow... Who installs a bowling alley on the roof of a flying castle?

I don't know.

I did.

Need I ask?

Well, Orak suffered a mild concussion. He'll be fine. Like he ever used his head anyways.

Hey! I resent that!

Bah, resent all you want.

*runs in* I hurried in as quickly as I heard! Chrissy, is he alright?

Yeah Stary. He's fine. Just a concussion.

Man, my head hurts.

I wonder why. You just had a 16 pound bowling ball come flying hundreds of feet down from the air castle.

That's what happened? He should have been killed.

By all logic, that should have crushed your skull.

Since when do Orakians listen to logic?

Well, whatever it was, I'm just glad that the damage wasn't too serious.

Well, he'll have to stay in here for a bit. Give him a day or two and he'll be back on his feet.

Head... hurts...

Ok Raja. Stary, you go on to bed. I'll watch over Orak for the night.

I have a bed here?

Oh yeah, that's right. Just use mine. It's the room beside Orakia's.

Ok. *leaves*

Sorry about thi...

That's my line chief, don't steal it.

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(Golden Sun 2 - Tropical Paradise)