*the next day, at the Chief's office*

I'm sorry ma'am. If you want to see the Chief, you're gonna have to make an appointment unless you are a Control Member.

But I must speak with the Chief. When is he available?

*flips open her schedule book* Well, he's free right now actually. Want me to book you down?

Please do.

*writes in the book* Ok, come back now and visit him.


A joke girl. Don't you understand comedy?

That was comedy? *enters the chief's door*

*mocking the girl* That was comedy? *continues her work*

*in the Chief's office*

Sorry lady, there are no current tryouts for Control Members.

I'm not here to join Control.

Oh. You are a fan then. You want the great Chief's autograph. Well, let me see your shoe...

No... you don't understand.

Then what are you hear for? Can't you see I'm a busy man.

*over the radio* And it's 74 inches! A new record!

What event you listening do? Kaber toss?

No. It's the Big 'Uns Olympics. No, the judges were just measuring her chest. *turns off the radio*


Anyways, what is your name girl?

That's not important right now. All I wanted was an investigation. Since the Police won't help me out, I figured you're my only hope.

An investigation? On what?

I heard about a group of people who have been doing rotten things to people. I just wanted to see if it was true or not.

Hmmm... what is this group called?

I believe it was one of the new companies called NEU.

A new company called NEU? That's new.

Well, please. Help me. I don't know where else to go.

Alright, we'll look into it. *presses the button on the intercom* Selan, get Orakio and Orakia here.

*thinks* Orakio? I'll actually get to see him?

*over the intercom* Right. What for?

*over the intercom* I'm sending them two on an investigation.

*over the intercom* Won't Chrissy be mad?

*thinks* Chrissy too? Will I get to see her as well?

*over the intercom* Just get them here.

*over the intercom* Yes Chief.

Don't worry ma'am. Orakio is our best. He won't let us down.

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(Zelda: Link's Awakening - Awakening at Marin's)