*walks in, still a bit dazed* What did you need Chief?

*walks in* Orak, what are you doing up?

Got called in.

Orakio, Orakia. This woman here has a request for both of you.

Uh... Chief... what woman?

... What? *looks over* Where did she go to? *presses the intercom button* Selan, did you see the lady in here leave?

*over the intercom* No Chief. I would have seen such a thing.

Damn. Where did she go?

Don't worry about it right now. What do you need?

Would you quit yelling? Damn headache is bad enough.

Orak. I'm not yelling.

Anyways. This woman, wherever she went to, requested something. You two are to investigate the new building of the new company in New Sweden known as NEU.

New Sweden? Isn't that north of Mt. Katadin.

Yeah. It is. But what is this company known as NEU?

We don't know. But this woman believed there was something suspicious about it.

What did this woman look like?

Well... she looked... uh... like a girl.

Wow Sherlock.

I only remembered two things about her. She had light brown eyes. She reminded me of a crying angel picture I once saw in an advertisement in the latest Big 'Uns.

And the other thing?

A tail. The tail looked almost like Chrissy's.

Tail? Hmmm... could be a halfling.

Anyways, get ready for your journey. Report back here when you're done.

Right! *leaves*

Those eyes. Why do they remind me of Orakio's?

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(Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Unicorn's Cave)