*in Orakio's room*

Well, that about covers what I need to get. I just forgot to feed the cat. *reaches in cupboard for cat food* Here Myau!

About time you fed me. *eats the food*

Yeah, I know. Don't worry about it Myau. Ask Chrissy if you're hungry when I'm gone.

*a knock on the door*

Come in Chrissy.

*enters* How'd you know it was me?

I sensed your spirit.

... right. Anyways, where are you going?

Chief's orders. I have to investigate a new company known as NEU.

Can I come?

I wish you could Chrissy, but the Chief wouldn't like it. I want you to keep your job here.

Who is going with you?


You two always go on assignments together. I want one of my own.

Chrissy... there is barely anything left nowadays. I was lucky to get this one.


*hugs Chrissy* Chrissy... I'll be fine. It's just an investigation. What could go wrong?

*sighs again* Orak. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you.

You won't lose me Chrissy.

*the two stand silent for a bit*

Have you been hearing the singing?

Yeah, I've been hearing it, but I don't know where it comes from.

*goes to the window to look* I think I know.

*goes to the window* Yeah?

Look at that poor girl in blue and red and yellow. It's as though she's crying as she sings.

It's a pretty song though.

Yeah. *looks closer* Is that a tail?

*looks closer* I believe it is. Looks like your's.





Could you wait here for a second? I have something I want to give you before you leave.


*leaves for a second*

There is something familiar about that singing.

What is it?

I don't remember. It's a song your sister taught me once, or at least it sounds like it. She sang it faster and more lively and less sad though.

What was it?

Orakia called it "Time Stands Still"

Hmmm... weird. How would she know Orakia's song?

I don't know.

*walks in* I'm here.

What have you got for me?

*hands Orakio an armor* This armor, I want you to have it.

Chrissy? *takes the armor* What's so special about this armor?

I've had this armor for quite some time, but I'm too small to fit into it. It's an armor made from high grade silver.

Chrissy... high grade silver is Laconia.

Well, then this armor is made of Laconia. But, this armor has absorbed a lot of damage when I became angry.

*holds the armor* This doesn't feel like regular Laconia. It feels somewhat different.

Well, may it protect you well, Orakio.

Thank you Chrissy.

Come back to me safe, ok?

No problem Chrissy. *leaves the room*

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(Zelda: Oracle of Ages - Nayru's Song)