*at the NEU Headquaters in New Sweden*

So this is the NEU Headquaters?

It looks perfectly normal to me. Shall we go in and look?

Yes, we shall. *walks off to the headquaters building*


*waits by the entrance* Who would you two be?

We've come to look at the NEU company.

What's the big oaf for?


Bodyguard. I'm an ambassador from Katahdin.

From Katahdin? The President mentioned that he wanted to build on Katahdin, but I never thought someone would arrive this quick. *opens the door* Right this way. *enters the building*

*whipsers* Ambassador?

*whispers* Just play along, bodyguard. *follows the guard*

*follows Orakia*

*inside the President's room*

Sir, we have an ambassador from Katahdin here to see you?

Already? I wasn't expecting her until next week. Send her in.

*to Orakia* Please enter. *leaves*


You can trust me ambassador. No need for the bodyguard to be here.

*nods* You may leave.

*whispers* Are you nuts?

*whispers* Just go.

*mumbles and leaves*

So, Katahdin sent an ambassador already. I'm pleased. Are you ready to make a deal?

Well, before we strike a deal with you, I want to know what NEU is all about.

Well, I'm gonna tell you this story. In my journeys while traveling the Motavian Forest, I found inside a temple a bright red stone. So naturally, I took it.

Isn't the Motavian a desert?

Well, it is now. That stone evidently held the forest in balance. But I did not know this at the time. I sold it to a research company for 10 billion meseta.

10 billion meseta? Wow.

Well, after realizing that I destroyed an important forest, I decided to spend the money I made from the sale and create a company that would increase my money so that I could buy back the stone and place it back on the alter and seal it up.

Why didn't you just give the research company back their money?

Because now they wanted 1 trillion meseta for it. Evidently it contains some sort of power.

Hmmm. So you build factories and hire people to do what now?

These factories build environmentally safe parts for today's shoes. Our biggest buyer is a man by the name of Bundy.

*thinks* That doesn't surprise me.

Anyways, the plant I'd build on Mt. Katahdin would hire 1000 people. In exchange, I will buy the land for 10 million meseta.

I'll have to think about it. I'll talk it over with council.

Well, do hurry. In a week I'm dropping the price to 1 million.

*starts to leave* Alright. We'll see what we can do. *leaves*

Funny thing about her. She seemed too trampy to be an ambassador.

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(Final Fantasy VII - Makoro Plant)