*inside the factory*

Wow... what a factory. So many ninja-like people working.

Yeah. We build shoe parts that are environmentally safe.

I bet the chief would love that.


Uh. Nevermind.

You know, you remind me of somebody I once knew.

Oh? Who would that be?

I don't remember his name. He was of rare blood though. Oooooo... what was that name again?


Jerry Lewis! That's what the name was. You remind me of him.

*smiles* I do? *in a Jerry Lewis voice* Hi Ninja type person!


So, you make shoe parts? Wouldn't that be a rather slow business?

No... because you see, the shoe laces we make are biodegradable. Once water touches them they'll disintergrate.

And so people keep buying them?

Yeah. We also make soles that promise to kill odor, but really just make it worse. We've got one sucker named Bundy that keeps buying them.

Hahaha. Joke's on the chief. Or on the rest of us.

Chief? Wait a second. You wouldn't happen to work for control, do you?

What makes you say that?

Do you really think you remind me of Jerry Lewis?

... no.

I knew it from your eyes. You're an Orakian. Probably the one who works with control.

What do you have against control?

On nothing... nothing at all.

Alright then.

*walks to Orakio* Ready?

Yeah, I'm set. *leaves*

Thanks for the tour.

No problem, m'lady.

*smiles and leaves*

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(Zelda: Majora's Mask - Clock Town's 2nd Day)