*back in the President's office*

Mr. President...


Those two people that were just here. I have a feeling they were Control Agents set to spy on us.

I know. Why do you think I tried to buy the girl off with the phony story? Shoe parts. Ha! That's rich.

Well, what should we do? Evidently Control is going to be medeling in our affairs.

First things first. How is the D-Project coming along?

The Motavian Ruby's power is remarkable. The research team has found that it has power enough to destroy an entire city in a flash of light.

Good. Now, what of the J-Project?

The research team has drained some of the power from the Ruby and liquidized it. The J-Project is almost ready to begin.

Excellent. But, in case Control should decide to show up, move the J-Project capsules to the basement where nobody but the research team can access.


And tell the research team to place the Motavian Ruby in the Destructo Beam. I want to test it's power.

Roger that too!

Those stupid control agents. Even if they do stop the D-Project, the J-Project is the real threat.

Why do you hold such a grudge against control?

Because they always interfere with the evil schemes anybody comes up with. First SYCO, then FOWL... Pardon the pun, but this is a NEU beginning.

Yes Mr. President. It is.

Now. Get the Motavian Ruby ready. There's work to be done!

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(Zelda: Oracle of Ages - Skeleton Dungeon)