*back at Control*

Why are we back up here?

Because the ball return has been installed now. Now we can finish the game.

Just what I wanted.

Me too.

Now, who's up after MAN?

I think it's BAB.

No. BOYs before BABs.

Oh very well. *picks up the bowling ball* Ok... *stays there*

What's wrong?

I don't know how to bowl.

Just walk up to the alley and throw the ball.

That's it? *approaches the lane and rolls the ball*

*the ball rolls along the side, then hooks to the left and knocks down all the pins*

??? What the?

You got a strike Crys!

I did?

Beginner's luck. Betcha you can't do it again.

Well, let's just see.

Crys, it's my turn though.

Oh yeah.

*flies in* Chief. You around?

Yeah. I'm here. Where is Orakio?

He was right behind me.

Well, what news do you have of NEU?

Well, it seems relatively harmless. They make environmentally safe shoe parts.

They do? I'll have to look into it.

The President said you were their number one buyer.

I am?

You are?

I buy Dr. Scholls. I never bought anything from NEU.


Something is fishy is going on.

I think it is your shoes again. Man. Now you know why I never use rental shoes.

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(Phantasy Star - Town)