*a loud rubbling is heard from above*

What the?

It's happening again! No!

What's going on?

This world... Palma!

Palma? *looks up* Oh yeah. That.

*tries running, but falls over* Everbody, RUN!

A satallite?

Orakio! Head to the spaceship!

... I'll just ignore him.

Fine, ignore me. Let me die!

*runs to the Elder* Fine. *picks him up and runs*

*the satallite from above starts to open up, glowing bright red*

*grasps head and falls to ground while running* Gah. My head.

*falls with him* Orakio?

Elder. Get the villagers out of here.

What about you?

I'll be fine. Just go!

... you'd best not die on me again Orakio. Like you did with Dark Force. *leaves*

*gets to his knees and kneels* Let's see just what kind of power this thing has.

*the satallite shoots a huge beam of fire towards the ground, destroying the entire town of Landen.

*braces himself for the reaction* No!

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(Sonic the Hedgehog - Final Zone)