*after the explosion*

*still kneeling* Wow, that had quite a bit of power to it. *stands up* This armor... it protected me?

*back at the Air Castle*

Chief! The radar just picked up a massive explosion.


Around Landen, not too far from Paseo.

*looks at Chrissy and Orakia* You two, go investigate.

Finally giving me a job?

Yeah. I am, so what? Just go before I change my mind.

*glares and leaves*



This is Orakio's girlfriend here. I wouldn't get her upset, or Orakio might get up and leave.

... just go.


*later, at the ruins of Landen*

What happened here?

The place is all in ruins. But...

It happened in a flash. No warning or anything.

What could have done such a thing?

A satallite.

*turns around* Orakio? You're alright?!

Yeah. Just my head hurt a bit while flying, so I landed.

What happened here?

A satallite hovered above this town. Then shot a huge beam down at it.

And you were here?

Yeah. Your armor seemed to absorb the attack, but... the blast destroyed it.

!!! My best attacks never even left a dent on that armor.

What exactly are we dealing with?

If I knew, my head wouldn't hurt so much.

You think that girl knows?

Providing we can find her.


You know something?

Orakia. Your song... who have you taught it to?

You mean "Time Stands Still"?

Yes. Who have you taught it to?

Just Myau and Crystal.

And Myau hasn't told anybody.

What are you saying?

I'm not sure. But, let's head back to Old Orchard Beach. I believe we can find her there.

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(Landstalker - Verla)