*runs back down the stairs* Hey, did you guys know that we have a busted water pipe outside the Air Castle?

*sarcasticly* You don't say.

Yeah. I'll have to get Zak to fix it. Anyways. Time for your assignment.

*walks away* I'll see you later Orak.

Where are you going? I'm giving you a mission too young lady.

*turns around* Really?

I want you and Orakio to head back to NEU HQ and investigate again. I feel we've missed something.

Hmmmm... alright, we'll go.

Yes we will, just let me grab my armor. *runs off*

Orak, before you go...


Have you heard anything from that mysterious girl yet?

No Chief, I haven't.

Shoot. Well, anyways, best be off.

Right Chief. *walks off*

Damn. I wish she'd show up again. I've got to ask her if she'll mind becoming a maid for my house.

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(Phantasy Star - Village)