*near the NEW HQ in New Sweeden*

There. The teleporter seems to be working right this time.

Yeah. Glad Wren managed to fix it.

But... how do we get back?

Dammit. I left the Telepipe in my yellow pants.


Lets you teleport to where you want to go... providing you can play the right notes. It's a pipe.

That explains it then.

Halt! Who goes there.

What the? Guards already?

*stabs the Ninja* We go there.


Looks like someone else has been teaching you a few things.

Well, I'll explain later. Let's just find a way to get inside.

Halt! *surrounds Orakio and Chrissy*

I think we just found our way.

*enters the area* Did you just think you could waltz on in here and spy on us, Orakian?


Drop your sword, little girl.

*drops sword* Damn. What now Orakio?

*drops his sword as well* We're outnumbered. We could always power up though.

Don't even think of it, Orakian. I have thousands of Ninja that are just waiting to kill you, power or no power. I'll risk as many as it takes, but right now, you're worth more to me alive then dead.


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(Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man)