Oh, Orakian. By the way, how did you like that little event at Landen?

What? You mean...

Hahahahaha. Yes, that was my work. That was my Destructo Beam. I moved it close just to destroy a small town, but, imagine if I moved it to outer space. Oh the humanity!

You monster!

You wouldn't dare.

The D-Project is going according to plan. As soon as I find an engine for the Destructo Beam, I'll move it to outer space, where from there, I'll destroy the entire world.


But, I won't stop there. While I'm safely aboard the Destructo Beam with my crew, I'll move to planet to planet... searching for what I've been longing for. And if a planet doesn't have it, I'll destroy it.

??? What exactly are you longing for?

I have the Motavian Ruby... but, the Palmanian Sapphire, Dezorian Diamond, and Rycross Crystal are still out there somewhere. Once I have all four, I'll have absolute power. Thus, the National Evil Underground will finally become a house hold name... like garbage.

*to self* National Evil Underground? N... E... U... NEU?

You're not gonna make it that far!

I will if I have you locked up. Guards, throw them in the dungeon! Those two will fetch a hefty price on the slave market.


... Chrissy... just hang in there.

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(Chrono Trigger - Black Omen)