We're almost there. C'mon! *runs towards the exit*

Kyra, you still with us? *follows Orakio*

Yeah, I'm still here. *follows Chrissy*

*appears in front of them* Did you just think you could escape my grasp?

Dammit. You again!

Don't think you're gonna spoil my plans. I've got the Destructo Beam set on Kennebec. That's your hometown, is it not, Orakio?


Guards! Kill them!

*appears* With pleasure.

Kyra, try to get out of here. We'll handle this.

Right. I'll just stand back.

Good girl. Now, watch an Orakian at work. *draws sword*

*surrounds Orakio, one on each side of him*

Bah. You know, for a few Ninja, you're all quite slow.


*smiles* Watch some real swordsmanship. *stabs the Ninja in front of him, removes his sword and spin attacks the other 3*


Dammit. Get the girl!

*surrounds Chrissy, one on each side*

Need a hand?

No. Just look after Kyra. *standing side kicks the ninja behind her, then stabs the one on her right*

That's not a problem.

For an Orakian, I'd think not.

How do you know all this stuff anyways?

We'll explain later! *stabs the ninja on her left and kicks the ninja in front of her in the groin* That should do it.

*all die*

Don't think you've heard that last of me! *disappears*

There. We got them.

For now. We have to get back to Control.

Outside first.

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(Ys 3 - Heated Battle)