*outside the HQ*

Ok, we're out. Now, teleport us.

Ok. But, where is the Air Castle?

You mean it moved while we were here?

I'm gonna kill that Chief.

*appears again* Not before I kill you three.

You again?

Guys, I need time. I'm scanning the area.

Won't do you any good. Behold my prototype guard. Come, NEU Knight!

*appears* Grrrrrrrr...


And this is just one of them. I've got a whole lot more ready to be cloned. But I figured if I can get the blood of an Orakian, then I can boost it's power 200%

... Chrissy, guard Kyra. I'm gonna keep this thing busy.

Awwww... but I want to kill it.

*slashes at Orakio*

*blocks with his sword, which is knocked out of his hand with the blow*


Crap. What now?

*slashes at Orakio's head*

*ducks* Any ideas.

*closes eyes while scanning the area* Power up, Orakian!

I knew I forgot something. *flares up energy*

Ah, the power of a Super Orakian. The blood of that would power these Knights up 400%

*picks sword up again* Now I mean business.

*tries to stab Orakio*

*sways the stab and fires a small bolt of fire at the Knight*

*absorbs the fire*

*backflips out of the way* Hmmmm... all that metal. Heat resistant.

Exactly. I knew you loved using Megid, so I made his armor heat resistant out of the highest grade Steel.

Steel eh? *aims hands to the air* You know, Megid is not all I like to use.

Oh no. I hate lightning. *ducks and covers*

Tandle! *a huge bolt of lightning comes from the sky and strikes the Knight*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! *is electricuted to death*

Damnation! Guards!

Found it! Let's go!

Now! *is teleported out with Kyra*

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I'll get you Orakio!

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(Ys 3 - Sealing Time)