*back at the Air Castle*

You know, the Mandolin Rain is not that bad to listen to.

Incoming humanoids.

*teleports in*

Where have you guys been?

Jailed by NEU, no thanks to you.

What happened?

NEU is planning on destroying Kennebec.

I know, I already got the ransom call. He wants 100 million Meseta or a Space Engine in exchange for Kennebec.


Aaaaaaand... *looks at Kyra* Holy cow, you found her?

More like I found them.

Why did you leave me the other day?

I'm sorry Chief. I couldn't bare to see Orakio.

Oh c'mon. He doesn't look that bad.

Very funny Chief.

What is your name?

My name is Kyra.

Why did you warn us about this?

I'll tell you in due time. Right now... I just wanna go to the place where I usually go to when I have to think.

Where's that?

The Lighthouse on Old Orchard Beach.

You mean... you were there when we were there looking for you?

Yes. I'm sorry, but... I had to tell you when the time was right.

Tell us what?

I'm sorry. If you need me, I'll be over there. *disappears*

Chrissy... what does she know?

I could tell you... but I think it's better you hear the words from her own lips.

*sigh* Wren, take us over to Old Orchard Beach.


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(Final Fantasy VI - Epitaph)