*meanwhile, at the NEU HQ*

Has the Chief of Control decided to pay the ransom?

He hasn't responded yet.

We'll give him another 24 hours to decide. How is the J-Project coming along?

We've extracted the atomic power from the Motavian Ruby and liquidated it.


We found a specimen to test it on as well.

Good, what did you find?

We found a Musk Cat. *snaps his fingers*

*walks out*

Can't Musk Cats talk?

I'd say we can.

What is your name?

I'm Skatt.

Is this the Orakian's cat?

No, that would be Myau. My sister.

The Air Castle moved too fast for me to infiltrate.

No matter. Skatt, you're gonna be part of the J-Project. I'm gonna infuse you with so much power, that you'll make the Orakian seem like a fly.

Why do you want to do such a thing? *looks at the Ninja* You said you'd show me my sister if I went with you.

I lied. So sue me.

Why you!

Take him to the 10th basement! Put him in the chamber.

Sir, we only have 9 basements.

That's what I want you all to think. Behind the bookcase in the bottom floor, there is a keypad. Type in the password A-N-J-E-M-A and you'll be allowed in.

*grabs Skatt* A-N-J-E-M-A? *writes it down on a piece of paper* Got it.

Put the cat in the Chamber, then gas her to sleep. When asleep, infuse her with the Motavian Ruby.

Gotcha. *walks off*


Now... to get that Space Engine.

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(Chrono Trigger - The Hidden Truth)