*at the Old Orchard Beach Lighthouse*

*looks at the ocean* I came here to save the world from destruction... but, it seems like it's only gonna happen sooner. If I let this happen, I'll have never been born. *sighs*

*to himself, from behind the becon* So she's from the future.

Aunt Crystal. I know you wanted me to change the future... but... it may have not been for the better.

*aloud* Aunt Crystal?

*turns around* Orakio?

*walks to Kyra* Did you say that Crystal was your Aunt?

*says nothing*

Kyra. I know you're from the future. I have to know from you... who exactly are you? I know you told Chrissy, but you haven't told me yet.

*turns around to face the ocean again* Orakio...

*holds his hand on Kyra's shoulder* What is it?

*turns around* ... *starts to cry* Dad?


Orakio... I am your daughter. You and Chrissy have a daughter 5 years from now.

*turns around* This can't be true. There must be some mistake.

*sigh* Then, you don't believe me?

How can you travel through time? Starbird destroyed the Time Machine.

*holds up the Time Machine* Then explain this.

*looks at it* That's right... the day he went back in time to stop me from taking it. He only destroyed one. But... where is the other one?

Well, I found it in the Ruins of the Air Castle about 20 years from now.

You made a big decision by turning back time and coming here.

Dad. NEU totally ruins the world by the time I'm 15, the age I am right now. The Destructo Beam destroys almost every city... if it wasn't for Wren...

What's Wren got to do with this?

Listen carefully dad. In my time, Landen was destroyed 3 months before I am born, not 5 years. It only means that my arrival here has made events happen earlier. After I am born, the Destructo Beam destroys the Air Castle. With the help of the Wren android, Aunt Crystal and I escaped to a far away place.

So Wren saved you? But, how did the beam not destroy the world?

Wren flew to outer space and set the controls to fire at itself. At least that is what he planned to do, but it must have worked, as the Destructo Beam was destroyed, but it was brought down on the town of Mandolin.

How do I know you're telling me the truth?

My tail... is it not the same as Chrissy's? My eyes, are they not the same as your's?

*looks closely at Kyra* You do look like us.

I am your daughter. Trust me. I came back in time to see if I could change the future. To see if the great Orakio could take down NEU before they even started.

Well, I can try.

By the way. Aunt Crystal mentioned an Uncle Rulakir. Who is he?

He's my twin brother. But... he's long gone with Rulakia somewhere on a journey.

Well, nevermind that then. I was hoping I could see him.

Just think of me with blonde hair.

Ok. So you're smarter than him? The blonde hair and all?

... Yeah, I am. *thinks* Man I hate lying.

I thought so. No way my father could be strong but dumb. *hugs Orakio*

*hugs Kyra* *thinks* You have no idea how wrong you are. *to Kyra* Teleport us back to the Air Castle. I want you to stay with us.

Ok... dad. *warps out*

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(Chrono Trigger - Singing Mountain)