*back at the Air Castle*

Ah, you came back just in time.

I did? In time for what?

We're planning an assult on NEU.

Yeah. We need you to lead the charge.

Where have you been all this time, sis?

*thinks* That looks nothing like Crystal... that must be Aunt Orakia.

Well, I went shopping for some new clothes, since I couldn't stand wearing yellow anymore, then I decided to get my hair done. You like?

Looks alright to me.

Anyways, tomorrow, before NEU decides to destroy Kennebec, we're gonna attack. You're gonna lead.

Ok. Who is going with me?

I am.

So am I.

I'm gonna go too.

??? You can't fight, why go?

I know magic. I can defend myself perfectly.

*whispers to Orakio* I thought 1/2 Orakians didn't know magic.

*whispers back* I guess that's the Dragon in her.

I'm going as well.

As am I.

*smiles, thinks* Now THAT is Aunt Crystal.

Oh, and Orakio... I had Zak create protective gear for a few of you. Why not head over to see Zak to see what he has in store for you?

Ok. Let's go everybody.

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(Final Fantasy VI - Terra)