*arrives* Sorry I'm late Chief. I had a hard time finding crayons.


What else do you expect me to draw these maps in? Pen?


Put them on the table.

*looks* Uh.... what table?

*looks* ... Whose job was it to get the table for this room?... SPARKSTER!!!

You expect someone with a shattered back to get a table?

What do you think that rocket pack is for?


*pushes the Chief* Bundy!!!

??? WHAT?!?!?!


... Right Bubba.

Fine. I'll use you as a table. *grabs the maps from Zak and pushes him down to the floor, where he places the maps on*


Just use the floor. We're all sitting on the floor anyways.

You mean we have no chairs either?

*runs* Don't you even think of using me as a bench.

I wouldn't think of it. Orakia, bend over. We're using you as the bench.

You're sick, you know that chief?

This coming froming from the girl who wanted to moon Mispolm?

Shut up you.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Decision Bell)