*after the Chief ends up putting the Blueprints on the floor*

There. Now we have the map of New Sweden.

Chief... that's the map of the Air Castle. *turns over the paper* That's New Sweden.

We had a map? *turns around the paper again* Then where are we?

*points to the location on the map* Here.

Then what's over here? *points to a spot beside of it?

Chief... that's the Shoe Closet.

What about... here? *picks a random spot on the map*

That's the bathroom.

*picks another random spot* And here?

I think that's the sky.

*looks at the map* Oh, I see it. *turns it over* Ok, now, Zak carefully planned out our attack.

Looks like a Child scribbled on it.

Right... anyways, Orakio, you, Chrissy, Orakia, and Kyra stand in front of the Factory. Crys takes the left side, Crystal takes the right side.


Now, look to the sky because I'll send 3 flares. When I send the red one. Crys, you run to the back side of the fortress, Orakio and Orakia, you run to the top side, Kyra and Chrissy, you go to the bottom side, and Crystal, you just run in circles.


Then, I'll send the blue one. Orakio and Orakia will split up and meet Crys on the back side, and then you will run STRAIGHT through to the front side. Kyra and Chrissy, you split up and take the left and back side. Crystal... you keep running in circles.

... this plan is confusing me.

Then, when I send the yellow flare, Crystal, you enter through the wall on the right side. Orakia, Kyra, and Chrissy, slowly walk to the doors and look sexy to distract the guards. Crys, barge in the back wall. And Orakio, this is when you power up to Super Orakian and burn the whole place down with a super Megid type of thing.

... I don't have THAT much power.

You're right. I made this plan with Mr. T in mind. *throws away the paper*

*sigh* Hell, c'mon guys. Let's go.

Don't forget the plan!


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(Castlevania - Stalker)