*in New Sweden*

Is everybody here?


I'm here.


What she said.

I hate not being able to fly.

Ok... anyways, let's get the plan going.


Just kidding.

Hold it right there!

Ok. Just who gave away our plans?

The President knows your every move.

Are you gonna stop the 6 of us?

No... I'm not. But they will.


Damn. Neu Knights.

What are we scared of? We have Laconia.

We'll just see about that. I've got plenty more where that came from.

*draws sword* Then bring them all.

Fine. *calls for more*

This can't be good.

*gets ready* Those Knights are huge.

*gets her daggers out* We're gonna have to take them down ourselves.

*surrounds the group*

Only 6? We can take them.

*slashes at Orakio*

*his sword is knocked out of his hand and out of the circle* Well damn.

*tries slashing the Knights*

*knocks the daggers out of Crystal's hands with one swing*

Any new plans?

*enters* Yeah. To die by my hand.

You again!

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(Sonic Heroes - Heroes)