Well well well. We have Control snoops again.

What shall I do with them?

Kill 'em. Kill 'em all.

*gets closer to the group*

No! Don't!

Ah, the mystery girl.

Why are you doing this?

The jewels. The universe. I want them all. And you and your controlling friends are standing in my way.

*grins* But this type of death doesn't suit you.

It doesn't?

*psst* What are you doing?

*psst* Watch.

What would suit me then?

A guy like you, an evil genius like you, would throw then in a laconia proof dungeon and let them rot. No food, water, or bathroom.

*thinks* Like no bathroom is gonna stop me.

You do have a point. This type of death is not suiting.


Take them to the death machine!

What? Kyra! What are you doing?

Oops. *thinks* Didn't work as I planned.

*grabs Crys*

*grabs Crystal*

Orakio! Do something!

*grabs Orakia*

Thank you Mystery Girl.

*grabs Chrissy*

We can't die yet.

*grabs Orakio*


Bring the girl with me. I'm gonna make her watch as I kill her friends.

*grabs Kyra*

Orakio... I'm sorry.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Left Handed Beast)