*inside the factory, at the death machine area*

What is that thing?

That is the New Neu Death Machine.

How exactly does this work?

Well, I strap you all to the machine, then I send 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity into you. Enough to kill you in less then a heartbeat.


Knights! Get the armor off of them!

*strips Orakio, Chrissy, and Crys of their Laconian Armors*

Well. Another Laconian armor gone.

That's the last of my worries.

Mine too. I don't like this idea.

Strap them to the machine!

*straps Orakio, Orakia, Chrissy, Crys, and Crystal to the Death Machine*


Chrissy. Who exactly is Kyra?

She's from the future. The daughter of Orakio and I.

How did she get here?

Time Machine of Starbird's. He never destroyed the 2nd one. Kyra found it and came back here.

But why?

To stop this from happening. Neu destroyed Control in her time.

So... she wanted to stop it from happening?

Basically. But, she hasn't stopped anything yet. In fact, if this happens, Kyra will disappear... she'll have never been born.

You like seeing them hang like this?

... mom... dad...

As soon as my assistant comes back with the controls to the machine... you shall see your life flash before you eyes.


Oh, don't think I don't know about you, Kyra.


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(Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Hyrule Castle)