Kyra. The Orakian I couldn't kill.

How do you know?

You have your father's eyes. Plus, I know of your Time Machine. And I plan on destroying it along with the Air Castle.

You... monster!

Hahahahaha. And now, I'll kill your parents and family right in front of your eyes. Then, you will disappear right in front of me. The universe is mine! Nothing will stop me!

Kyra! You need to help us!

Silence fool! *grabs a whip and whips Orakio*

Ow! Damn you!

I said silence! *whips Orakio again*

Stop it!

*whips Chrissy* What did I just say? One more peep out of any of you, and I'll press the button right now and destroy the whole lot of you.


That's better.

*returns with the button* Here's the remote.

Good. *takes the remote* Now little girl, say goodbye to your family... and to yourself!


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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Sad Cello)