Forget it, little girl! It's over!

Stop it! *yells loudly, energy emits from her*

*looks at Kyra* What the hell?

*stops flaring energy*


Isn't she only half Orakian?

How is she powering up?

Attack her! Kill her!

*surrounds Kyra*

Where does he get all of these followers anyways?

Let them go!

Never! Attack!

*closes in on Kyra*

Don't say I didn't warn you. *leaps into the air*


*flies high into the air*

Stop her!

Megid!!! *points arms at the guards and shoots a massive ball of fire at them all*

*are all incinerated*


*looks at the President* I'm not gonna tell you again... let them GO!

So the little girl is Orakian and Dragon. *grins* Just what I've been looking for. If only I had known, I would have used you as my speciman for my J-Project.

*aims a hand at the President*

What are you going to do to me? Kill me? If you do, you can just say goodbye to your family. This factory is set to a self destruct device, hooked to my heart. Once it stops working, the self destruct unit will go off.


Now, if you don't mind. *starts to press the button*

Zan! *shoots a small gust of wind at the control, knocking it out of the President's hand and onto the floor*

What the? *reaches for it*

*flies down and kicks the President across the face*

*falls to the ground* You won't get away with this. You will still die.

*a loud mechanical clanging is heard from a distance*

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(Final Fantasy IX - Battle with Silver Dragon)