*walks in*

Ah, my mechanical gun has arrived.


*starts shooting many bullets at Kyra*

*flies over the bullets*

*runs for the controls* They will die! I swear it! *grabs the controls*

*flies behind the President and kicks him in the back of the head*

*falls foward, dropping the controls again*

Kyra! That control better not land face down!

*picks up the chief and throws him far from the controls* Don't worry about that!

*follows Kyra slowly and fires rapidly at her*

*cartwheels out of the way, grabbing the control on her way*

Get us out of here!

*stands in front of the control panel* One of these buttons has to release you guys*

*shoots at Kyra again*

Kyra! Look out!

*turns around* ??? Bullets! *leaps out of the way*

*the bullets hit the control panel, causing a malfunction, followed by an explosion*

*is released from the Death Machine*

Get out of here! I'm gonna destroy the machine!

We can't just leave you here Kyra.

*roars at Chrissy* I said go!

*chuckles* I can see she gets that from you. *starts to leave*

Oh shut up you. *follows Orakio*

You'd better make it safely out! *leaves*

That won't be a problem.


Gah! Foiled again! Kill her!

BEEP. *walks towards Kyra*

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(Breath of Fire 2 - Final Battle with Deathevn)