*starts firing fast bullets at Kyra*

*makes a circle in front of her with her hand, creating a deflective shield, making the bullets bounce back*

*is struck by the bullets*

Avoid her attacks you moron!

*continues to fire more bullets at Kyra*

*flies above the bullets, aiming a hand to the sky* Tandle! *a huge bolt of lightning shoots from above and lands on the Mechanical Gun*

*is hit by the bolt* Bzzzzzzz. *explodes*

Damn.... you... Kyra!

*aims a hand at the President* You're next!

*gets out another control from his pocket* I don't think so. One false move and the town of Mandolin is the next to be destroyed by the Destructo Beam.

You really are a monster, you know that?

Thanks for the compliment. But for now, say goodbye to Mandolin. *presses the button on the control*

No!!! Stop!

*a loud explosion is heard from a distance*

*turns a knob on the control* Now. What should I destroy next?

I'm gonna destroy you before you even get a chance!

*spreads arms out, offering a shot* Go ahead. Make my day.

Dragon Buster! *places both hands in front of her, gathering a blue light in it, then shooting it at the President*

*absorbs the blow before it even hits him* Ah, the Motavian Ruby works well, does it not?

... Dammit.

I had a piece of it placed into my turban. You like?


*points hands at Kyra* That's not all either. This allows me to return the magic to you.

Double damn.

Dragon Buster! *in the same manner, a blue light gathers in his hands, then shoots right towards Kyra*

Noooooooooo! *is hit by the Dragon Buster and falls do the ground* *detransforms*

*slowly walks towards the fallen Kyra* 1/2 Orakian, 1/4 Dragon, and yet, you still can't defeat a mere human.

*looks up at the President* ...

Now. Watch, as Kennebec is the next on my list to destroy.

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(Phantasy Star II - Death Place *Piano*)