*starts to press a button on the control*

*watches* What the?

*is slashed from behind, dropping the controls* What the?

Don't think I'd leave my only child to just sit here and die.


*sneaks around to Kyra* Kyra, come with me for a second.

*nods, follows Chrissy*

So, you came back to watch your hometown die?

No. I came here to do some impeaching of a President I really dislike, and I don't mean Bush.

You're too late! Even if you stop me now... the destructo beam is already on it's way to outerspace. You can't stop me now!

*holds his sword to the President's neck* No, but I can kill you now. Or.... I can just...

*and explosion is heard from behind the President*

*looks behind him* Oh no! The Control Panel to the Destructo Beam!

*to Kyra* Nice work with the explosives.

Auntie Crystal showed me the uses of them. Though I don't know where she learned it.

Maybe you can teach her. ^_~


Your Destructo Beam is no more. *brings sword back, ready to slash* Now, I can kill you without fear.

*grins* You fool. This is only the external control panel. All you did was mess up where the beam is going to be placed. As long as the internal control panel exsists, you cannot stop the Destructo Beam.

*holds sword still* And where is this internal control panel?

You really are dumb, aren't you? Think about it.


He means it's on the Destructo Beam itself.

I see you take after your mother, little girl. But, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Oh wait, yeah I would.

Why's that?

*grins, then disappears* Because you now have 24 hours to save the Air Castle and Control from the Destructo Beam.



This isn't good.

We've got to hurry back to Control and warn the Chief.

C'mon! We must hurry!

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(Breath of Fire 2 - Running to Deathevn)