*back at Control*

Zak! Where's the Chief!

He was talking with Wren the last I knew.

Get him here and fast.

*walks in* I'm here, what do you want?

Chief... the Destructo Beam...

What about it?

It's set to hit here in exactly 24 hours.

... My bowling alley! I worked so hard!

Be serious for once.

Well, anyways, just calm down. Let's think it over.


... We're all gonna die! Run for the volcano!


Chief, we need to find a way to get into outerspace.


That is where the Destructo Beam is right now.

The Destructo Beam is now in orbit of this planet.

When did you get in here?

Doesn't matter. You need to get into outer space?

Yes, we do.

Zak, perhaps you can help me.

What do you need?

A long time ago, in one of the caves near Landen, I left some spare parts that could transform me into an Aerojet.

What are you saying?

I think our only chance of getting into outer space is to get me those parts, put them on me, then, 3 other people can go with me.

How long would this take?

Well, if you leave now, to find the parts, an hour. To install them, an hour. To prepare for takeoff, an hour. To get to the Destructo Beam, an hour. 4 hours at minimum, providing you don't run into trouble.

Gives us 20 hours to destroy the beam. That's without any rest.

If you don't mind, Orakio. I'd like to go with you and you alone to find these parts.

That's fine by me.

I have set the Air Castle on auto-pilot. I left my gun in the same chest as my Aero Parts, so I'll be useless when fighting until then.

Orakio, please be careful.

Not a problem, Chrissy.

Come. There is not much time.

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(Phantasy Star - Final Dungeon)