*down by the cave near old Landen*

Wren, you didn't tell me this cave was just one big maze.

It wasn't when I placed the Aero Parts here years ago. Perhaps the destruction of Landen changed the layout of the cave.

Of all things to change the outlook. Do you have a light?

I never thought you smoked, Orakio.

I don't. I mean a light so we can see. It's pitch black in here.

Oh yeah. Well, I don't have my Light Parts with me.

What parts do you have?

Well. I have my internal memory banks. My mobile parts. My reproductive parts.

Wait a second. Androids can't reproduce.

Who says?

??? How good is it?

You really are sick, you know that Orakio. It is a little thing we call humor. I have no reproductive parts, as Androids cannot reproduce.

... I'd dismantle you if we didn't need you to get to outer space.

Well, perhaps we should have brought a candle.

Ah hell. I wanted to save my magic power until we go to the Destructo Beam. Luminos! *a light comes from his hand, much like a flashlight*

Why did you ask me for one?

Because I'm too lazy to use magic right now.

*sighs* Orakians.

You forget Wren, I was the one that built you.

Incorrect. It was the Orakio of 1000 years ago the built me. You're but the mind of him.

... where'd that come from? Why did I just say that I was the one that built you?

The concussion talking maybe?

Well, whatever it is. Let's go.

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(Phantasy Star III - Dungeon)