*after 30 minutes of searching*

According to my calculations, the chest should be around here somewhere.

Can you actually sense these things?

If something was once installed in me, I can sense where they are.

But can you sense what's behind you?

Something big I imagine.

Boy, you're good.


*grabs sword* How much time have we got left?

22 hours and 30 minutes.

How long do you suspect it will take us to destroy this thing?

Well, you alone, probably an hour. If you can stall it long enough, I can grab my gun and kill it in one shot.

One shot?

In my gun is an internal combustion unit. It will cause anything that is on fire to explode from within.

*leaps at Orakio*

*rolls out of the way* Well, this thing is definately hot.

*glares at Orakio*

Why is there always something random blocking something we need when we don't have the time to fight it?

*runs around the outside wall to the chest* I think it is known as one of the RPG rules.

Figures. *leaps and slashes the beast*

*takes the slash, then cuffs Orakio across the face*

*falls down* Damn. This thing hits hard. I guess it's time to power up.

No! Save the power for the Destructo Beam.

How come you haven't gotten your gun yet?

I forgot the combination to the chest.


*starts clawing at Orakio*

*blocks it with his sword* You know, I might consider having backup weapons someday.

56-34-28. Got it! *opens the chest*

You finally got it? How did you remember the combination?

I did this a long time ago. I went by the measurements of Pamela Anderson... at the time.

*thinks* 56-34-28? I'm gonna have to change the combination on my locker.

*grabs the gun* Stand back Orakio.

Easier said than done! He's on top of me!

*turns to face Wren*

Come here you filthy pile of garbage.

*charges at Wren*

*fires an explosive shot at the beast*

*Is hit with the shot, then explodes*

*shields self from the explosion* Ok. We've got to hurry. Where's the Aero Parts?

In this other chest in which I forgot the combination to.

Dammit. *walks towards the chest* Just do what I do when I can't figure out a combination. *turns the dial* 1-2-3-4-5. *the chest opens*

How did you know that?

I didn't. That's the combination to my luggage.

*grabs the Aero Parts* Hmmm. Now, let's get out of here.

Good idea. But one problem.


Which way is out?

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(Secret of Mana - Danger)