*Yes, it's been a month, but the countdown is still less than 24 hours*

Are the preparations almost set?

Close... I'm almost done working on him right now.

Watch where you're putting that wrench there, human.

Why does Wren look so much different?


This is my older model frame. I've had it stored away for such a time when I would have to use my special parts again.

So this is an older model?


So this is outdated then?

This is the original frame set by my former commander, Orakio, before he sealed away Dark Force.

So how did you end up with a new frame?

*continues to wrench Wren*

*to Zak* Keep it away from the groin.


I was wounded in battle, and this frame was utterly useless. The person who found me had an experimental frame, which is the one I was in before now. It would allow me to access more power, but in turn I'd lose my ability to fly, swim, or sink.

So... if your former body was utterly useless... why is it working now?

*finishes his work* Because I fixed it for him.

*in a wheelchair nearby* Always hogging all the credit there, Zak? It was my brain which gave you the idea of how to fix that outdated piece of junk.

I resent having my original body being called a piece of junk. I prefer it to be called scrap metal.

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(Phantasy Star II - Excite Town)