Anyways Wren, your body should be complete.

Should I give my Aero Parts a test?

Yeah. You can. But do it outside.

Roger. *walks up to the roof where the bowling alley is*

*follows Wren, yelling* Hey! I just cleaned those lanes! Don't get any oil all over them, else my ball won't hook!

You want to see this, Sparky?

*glares at Zak, annoyed* Wheel me up, Zakky. Just watch the stairs.

Who do I look like, Orakio? *pushes Sparkster's wheelchair to the roof*

*on top of the roof*

*stands on one of the lanes*

Oh great, now there's gonna be footprints in the lane.

Sorry. I need an airstrip to transform, and this is as close as we'll find nowadays.

Well. Let's see this.

Show us what the old Wren cyborgs can do.

Roger! *spreads arms out, forming a type of metalic webbing that stretches to his head as he puts his legs together*


Shall I take off?

Wren, I have a slight request.

No need to say, I've noticed you looking out the window on a daily basis, praying to fly one more time. Hop on Sparkster.

*smiles at Wren* Zak, help me out.

*sigh* I hope Raja finds a way to fix your spine. *picks up Sparkster out of his wheelchair* Because you weigh a ton! *places him on top of Wren*

Thank you. It's been so long since I've last flown. This may be my last chance.

Hold on, Sparkster! *starts to take off in flight*

Look at him go!

You think he can hold 3 other people when he goes to outer space?

I knew I should have installed seats.

*from a distance*

Wren! No more loop-de-loops! And by God no more Barrel rolls!

Did anybody ever tell you to loosen up?

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(Phantasy Star III - Wren Transforms)