*just then... well, see for yourself*

I thought I told you to avoid those barrel rolls!

I couldn't help that one. We're being fired at!

Damnation! Who's firing at him from below?

*over a radio* Zak to Wren, Zak to Wren! What's firing at you?

*over the built in radio* Lasers... from the ground.

Could it be NEU?

*to Wren* Do you think it's NEU?

*to Zak* I'm not sure. I'm gonna have to land back at the Air Castle.

He's too far out!

*to Wren* Wren, watch it, they're trying to pierce the Air Castle as well.

*starts to leave*

Where are you going?

To get our agents. Perhaps they know what is firing at Wren.

*tries to head back to the Air Castle, but is blocked by an oncoming beam* *to Zak* I can't seem to land, they are firing too fast!

*to Wren* Hang in there.

*to Zak* I am.

*to Wren* I was talking to Sparkster.

Those beams... they're too wide to come from a normal cannon.

You're right. I know I've seen these before, but from where?

Those beams... no... they couldn't be!

You aren't thinking what I'm thinking are you?

I probably am.

Prism Flowers!

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Zophar's Colosseum)