*meanwhile, inside the Air Castle, in Orakio's room*

You got everything you need, Chrissy?

Yeah, I think I've got everything I need for the flight. Man, I'm so wired.

*sits down on his bed* We're not set to leave for another hour. Just relax.

*drops her sword* Alright. I guess I can. How much time would that give us?

About 18 hours. I hope Wren will be ready in time.

Any idea how we're gonna breathe in outer space? *sits beside of Orakio*

I hear Raja is working on some kind of gum that gives you oxygen as you chew it.

That's interesting. Never thought anything like that could be done.

I vagely recall something like that. But... we're talking probably... *stops for a second* 1000 years ago?

You're still having recall memories about the original Orakio?

Yeah. It's seeming more like memory now than something that was told to me.

Man. That bowling ball hit you harder than I thought.

Well, either way. If I can remember stuff like this, it might be helpful.

Just so long as you don't forget the present.


Anyways, what do you recall about the gum?

Well, before Palma was destroyed, my friend Rolf used this gum to go underwater to enter the Climate Control center. Very handy stuff to have.

I wonder how it tastes.

Not a clue. Hope it doesn't taste like air.

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Burg)