*on the ground*

*continues shooting huge beams into the sky while tangling up the others*

*being tangled up* Where is Orakio when we need him?

*is tangled up, but tries cutting the tentacles* Not a clue. But he'd better get here soon!

*tries fighting them off* They just keep coming. How many of them are there?

*from behind them* I think there are about 4.

*still tangled up* Where have you been?!?!

*chuckles* I've been all tied up.

Oh very funny. Now help us out!

Chopping at the tentacles isn't gonna solve a thing.

What do you suggest then?

*takes out a mirror*

Orakio! I told you to stay away from my dresser!

Sorry sis, I just had to this once.

*continues firing at Wren*

I've handled these guys before. *jumps in front of one of the beams, holding the mirror in front of him*

*one of the beams reflects off the mirror and hits one of the flowers*

*withers and dies*

*is freed* You mean my makeup would have killed them?

No... but it sure kills me. *reflects another beam off the mirror*

*is destroyed*

*is freed* About time. How do you know all of this?

Yeah. Prism Flowers were said to have been extinct for 1000 years.

*holds the mirror again, reflecting another beam* Er.... um... I've seen them before.

*wilts and dies*

*is freed*

You've seen them before?

*reflects the last beam back at its own flower* Yeah, I have.

*dies out*

This is just too weird.

The Original Orakio had to deal with them. That's all I can remember though, just to reflect the beams back at them.

Gee... I should bring my purse into battle more often.

Yeah. You should see what can be done with a nail file and some fingernail clippers.

Really? Tell me!

Later. Right now... back to the Air Castle.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Defeat at a Blow!)