*back at the Air Castle roof*

Did you manage to find out what was shooting at Wren?

Prism Flowers. But, the case is solved. Don't worry about it.

*to Wren over the radio* You're clear to land Wren.

*to Zak* Roger! *slowly makes his way to land*

How long will it take to refuel him?

His transformations are battery powered. It might take another hour to recharge.

*lands safely with Sparkster* *detransforms*

*sits still* A little help, Zak?

*goes over to Sparkster* What do I look like, your slave? *picks up Sparkster and places him back in the wheelchair* I'm gonna install a power mover to this thing. I'm getting tired of pushing you around.

You've always pushed the possum around. What's any different?

You two should really learn to keep your blood pressure low.

Wren. Zak says it will take another hour for you to get ready to charge your battery.

Affirmative. That is the disadvantage to this frame. Transformations require battery power.

Will you have enough after charging to get us there and back?

Providing we don't have to take any detours, yes.

If that's the case, Zak, fetch the battery out of my Dodge.


Chief, under normal circumstances I would gladly accept a backup battery. But, with all due respect... *whispers to the Chief* It's a dodge.

I know that! What's wrong with a Dodge?

Chief. You have an imprint of the logo on your arm from when you fell onto it years back. I can't believe you still have that car.

I can't believe I still have you.


*thinks up a lie* I'm sorry Chief, my circuitry for a Dodge battery is imcompatable with my system. I will have to respectfully decline the offer.

Oh well. Better in my car than on the streets anyways.

... yeah.

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(Phantasy Star II - Violation)