*an hour later*

Is that cyborg of our's charged up yet?

Are you that worried?

Control is about to blow in just a matter of hours. Hell yeah I'm worried!

Recharge complete. *unplugs cord, which retracts inside of him*

Please tell me I did not just see that cord retract inside his...

NO! You didn't!

Call forth Chrissy and Kyra for me, Zak.

Right on it. *leaves for a bit*

How do you plan on breathing in outer space?

I do not require air... but the fact that the other 3 need air must have been erased from memory.

??? Talk normal!

I forgot.

Raja should be on his way with something to help.

*appears behind Orakio* Like so?

*jumps* Yikes!

*holds out a pack of gum* Majura Gum, anybody?

You made the breathable gum?

Yeah, but I could only make a pack of 6. It will lose it's effectiveness after an hour, so don't stay in outer space too long.

*arrives* Are we ready yet?

*takes the Majura Gum* We should be, just as soon as Kyra arrives.

She was right behind me?

*appears in front of them all* Correction, I was right in front of you.

*jumps* Don't scare me like that!

Sorry mom.

Each of you, take two pieces of gum. Take one now, and one when you return. This will provide you with oxygen to breathe while in outerspace.

*hands Kyra and Chrissy a piece of gum*

Ooooooh! What flavor is it?



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(Seiken Densetsu III - Where Angels Fear to Tread)