Ready Wren?

*steps onto the bowling alley* Transformation beginning. *starts to transform into an Aerojet*

*cries* My poor lanes.

Get on.

*gets on Wren's back*

Now... be home before there is no home left.

Trust me. We'll finish NEU off once and for all.

We'll show them the power of the Dragon.

And the Orakian-Dragon.

Yeah, what they said.

You know something I've noticed about you Orakio?

What's that?

You are dumb... but, when you're serious... you're not as dumb.

... gee, thanks Chief. You're not so bad yourself.

For great justice! You're all killing my back. Can we get flying soon?

Go right ahead, Wren.

Be careful out there.


I was talking to the girls.

*smiles slightly*

Off we go! *starts to fly*

Well, I just sent them to their doom. But, at least Control will be safe.

*comes up the stairs* Did they leave already?

Yeah, they did.

Damn. I wanted to warn them.

Warn? About what?

I was looking at the radar since Wren was gone... and the Destructo Beam has a self defense mechanism that will shoot at anything that tries to come near them.

Well, that's just great. Do we have anybody else who can fly to save them?

Just Sparkster.

We're dead. Might as well go home and make love to the wife.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Take off Landeel!)