*at the Destructo Beam base*

*looks out the window* Damnation! My Prism Flowers didn't destroy that Wren?

What should we do, boss?

*stares out the window* How many of you are there here?

Three Hundred... why?

Gather them all and assemble in the main lobby. If they manage to get by my next attack, all of you will kill them, and show no mercy.

*salutes* Right boss. *turns a switch on the intercom system* All local guards, gather in the main lobby and bring your weapons. Prepare for a battle. *turns off the switch*

Now. Take the other gun. We're gonna blast them out of this galaxy.

Aye aye, boss! *mans the other gun*

*meanwhile, outside*

Destination straight ahead. Approximate arrival time, 5 minutes.

About time. This has been a long ride.

Do you have any idea how much longer we have?

A few hours by my calculations.

Wren! Watch out!

*a small laser beam from the Destructo Beam shoots at Wren*

*moves to the side to barely avoid it* It seems they are expecting us.

Yeah, and we're unwelcome guests to them.

Don't you have some sort of gun?

I cannot fight while in this form. I suggest just hanging on.

*another beam is fired*

*barely avoids it*

Easy for you to say. *points a hand at the beam* Megid! *nothing happens* Why isn't it working?

You need oxygen to create a combustable flame. Magic or not, your Megid will not work out here. In fact, no magic will work here.

Well that sucks.

Magic can only be used when there is some life force in the atmosphere. We're out of that atmosphere.

Will it be possible to use magic inside there?

*flies above another beam shot at him* Inside there should be an artificial atmosphere. That is what I expect is keeping the President alive.

So then I'll be able to use my magic.


*at the Destructo Beam base again*

Boss, they've passed the attack.

Just as well. Let them in the front door. Show them the lobby. Hahahahahahahaha!

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(Star Fox - Corneria (Remix) )