*inside the Destructo Beam... finally*

Yes! We finally made it!

*starts to detransform*

Wren, how long before you can hack into the system?

Depends on how the security is.

We'd better act fast.

Agreed. Let's go... *leads the rest to the door*

I sense something on the other side of the door.

Probably just workers. *opens the door*

(x50) ...

*shuts the door quickly, turns back to to it*


Kyra... Chrissy... it's best you probably power up now.


*tries holding the door shut as the 300 guards try opening it* Oh, trust me... there are a helluva lot of guards on the other side.

*closes eyes* 300 life forms I sense on the other side of the door.

I only saw 6.

((for reasons of saving space and a lot of laziness on my part, I only put 6 there... I hope you all know enough math to know what 50x6 is))

*looks around* Who said that?

Are you hearing voices again, Orakio?

... damn concussion. This mission is gonna kill me.

I'd think of a method of self defense. I'm gonna take this detour to the computer room and hack into the system. *leaves through a vent in the ceiling*

Of all things. You'd think his gun might help us.

Doesn't matter right now. We've got 300 to kill, so let's kill them. *starts to sprout wings and flare up energy*

*starts to sprout wings, sword glows golden*

Ok... I'll open the door and power up. The energy emitted might give us enough time to go in there and kill a few before we're totally surrounded.

Right father.

Don't fail me now, Dragon Sword.

*opens the door* Now! *turns around then starts to flare up energy*

(x50) *is pushed back a little ways*

*runs in and starts attacking*

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(Monstania - Battle 1)