*stops flaring and grabs his sword* Do your job Wren, we'll do our's. *runs in and starts slashing wildly*

*slashes any guard that comes near* Damn... there are a lot.

*fires blasts of fire at anything close* You aren't kidding. How long do you suppose we can keep this up?

*jumps over the rest of the group and starts attacking*

*stabs that one and tosses him into a group of them* I don't know. They seem stronger then the ones before them.

*in the office*

That's right Orakian. I've fused the NEU Knight Technology with my guards. They're now stronger... not as strong as the NEU Knights, but stronger.

Why couldn't you bring the NEU Knights up here?

Too much weight. Couldn't break the gravitational pull.

The three of them seem to be handling the 300 of us.

*opens his door and steps outside* Not for long.

*continues slashing away* How many do you think we've killed?

40... 50 maybe. *slashes another one* 51 perhaps.

Are you ok? *fights still*

I'm getting tired fast. *slashes still*

*fires magic here and there* My magic power is running low.

Good! The halfling is running thin on magic!

*looks at President NEU* YOU!!! *starts to fly*

Chrissy! No!!! *fights his way over to the President* Kyra! Follow me!

*lands in front of the President* I'm gonna kill you for what you've done! *readies sword*

*grins, drawing a sword of his own* You've got it, Dragon Girl.

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(Megaman X2 - Sigma's Fortress 1 & 2)