Face it Orakian. Your days are numbered. In just an hour, your precious Control will be destroyed. Your effort is for naught. Hahahahahaha!

... stop it!

It's a shame really. Your girlfriend's death will have to go unavenged. Guards! Kill him!

(x40) *start to make their move*

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! *starts to emit an extremely powerful energy*

(x40)*tries moving towards Orakio, but is forced back by the power*

What are you waiting for? Get him!

(x40)*is swept off their feet due to the force*

*stops flaring the energy*

What the??? His... hair... that's not a Super Orakian!

*stops the hacking to look out the window* His power level... I've only seen it matched by one other soul... the complete form of the Dark Entity.

Guards! Kill him now! KILL KILL KIIIIIIIIIIILLL!!!!

(x40) *starts surrounding Orakio*

*stands there*

What are you waiting for? Get him NOW!!!

I... can't... get... any closer...

He's emitting... a force...


*brings arms forward, putting his palms together* *starts speaking in Orakian tongue*

*eyes wide open* This is not good. *runs away from the scene*

Hacking complete. Beam to destroy this place in 30 minutes. *looks at Orakio* !!! Orakio to destroy this place in 30 seconds. *runs and hides*

Megid!!! *shoots an incredibly fast and powerful bolt of fire at all 400 of the guards*

(x40) *is hit by the flames, and burned to ashes*

*stops the Megid, looks around* Where is he?

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(Final Fantasy VII - J-E-N-O-V-A)