*near the escape pods*

Damn escape pods. The seatbelts never work when you want them to.

*spots the President then starts walking towards him*

*presses the "shut door" button rapidly* Hurry you! Damn, I should have made them really fast.

*the door shuts on the escape pod, leaving only a window for the Presiden to look out*

*goes towards the escape pod*

Hahahaha! You're too late. This beam may be destroyed, but the J-Project still lives. When that project is complete, I shall then begin my quest for ultimate power!

*breaks the window with his fist, grabbing the President by the neck and pulling him out of the pod as the pod flies away*


*lifts the President up with one arm, choking his neck with one hand and grabbing his sword with the other* You!!!

N... now Orakio... Let's be sensible here.

*tightens his grip* Were you sensible when you destroyed the town of Landen? Were you sensible when you built this damned machine? WHERE YOU SENSIBLE WHEN YOU KILLED MY LOVE?!?!?!?!

A rather minor offense compared to what you're doing right now.

*chokes harder*

*gasps for air* Orakio! Calm down now! Let's make a deal.

*holds him steady* What is your offer?

I'll give you anything you want! Just let me go!!!

*holds him still* Anything?


*without blinking, thrusts his sword right through the heart of President NEU* I want Chrissy back!

Or...ak...i...an... *takes one last breath, then dies*

*removes his sword, throwing the dead president aside* Chris...sy... *knees to the ground, hair starts to turn back to brown as he drops his sword*

*runs out of the computer room to Orakio* Orakio?

*kneeling* The... power... *breathes heavily* drained... fast...

Orakio. We have to get out of here! The place is set to blow any minute now!

Go without me.


If Chrissy is no longer alive, what else have I got to live for?

Orakio... your mission isn't over yet. The President said something about the J-Project.


*slaps Orakio across the face* Snap out of it! Chrissy can always be revived if need be!

... that's it!

What's it?

*stands up, but dizzy* Wren... we have to find the Time Machine.

*runs ahead of Orak* Great, but let's get out of here first.

*takes the last piece of gum and runs behind Wren*

*transforms into an Aerojet*

*hops on the back of Wren*

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(Final Fantasy VIII - The Legendary Beast)