*flying in outer space*

Brace yourself Orak, the beam is about to explode.

*holds onto Wren as they fly*

*from behind them, the Destructo Beam creates a huge explosion, destroying itself*

We did it.

Thank you Wren. Now, we have to get the Time Machine. I'm gonna stop this from ever happening.

Uh, Orakio?

What is it?

The Time Machine... do you really think it would help?

Yes, it would. Why do you ask?

Kyra's appearance here has already made the natural timeline shoot in a different direction. Starbird turning back time did it as well. We're too far off of the way the world should be right around now.

There wouldn't be a world without the Time Machine.

How do we know that? Sure, Starbird gave Zak back his old self, but, what about Jessica? How do we know she didn't have a husband or even kids when he did that? By doing that... by turning back time, Starbird may have taken away something from Jessica.

But what does this have to do with me rescuing Chrissy?

Because you have to look at the future. There could be somebody else in your future.

... I don't want anybody else.

Hold that thought. I'm getting a signal from Control.

*a female voice is heard over Wren's radio* Wren, Orakio? Are you alright?

*over the radio* Affirmative. The project was a complete success.

Well, not "complete"

*same voice* Listen... tell Orakio... that this is Kyra. I'm doing just fine. *the signal dies out*

Sorry... my radio battery died out.

Kyra... is ok? What about Chrissy?

What do you think that tells you? If Kyra is still around, Chrissy must still be alive.

*sighs* Chrissy. Hang in there girl.

We're about to enter the world. Brace yourself.

... *holds on*

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(Final Fantasy IV - Theme of Love)