*back at Control*

*lands on the roof* We're back. What a journey.

*steps off* Yeah... *looks around* What the?

*cheers and praises*

Ah, I knew you could do it! Never had a doubt in my mind!

Save the praise chief. Where is Chrissy?

In the infirmery. Raja is tending to her.

*runs off without as much as saying a word*

Oh gee. *follows Orakio*

What's wrong with him?

He's just worried, that's all.

I don't see what there is to worry about. We're finally free from NEU.

Not completely, I'm afraid.


But we just destroyed the Destructo Beam.

Did the President die as well? We saw an escape pod crash near New Sweden.

Orakio... *sighs* He tapped deeper into himself than anybody ever thought he could. He killed the President of NEU.

So we are free from NEU then!


No! We're not!

What do you mean?

What is there left?

Something called the J-project.

J-project? Sounds serious.

Chief? What should we do?

Right now, not worry about it. Selan, get a party set. We're gonna celebrate.

*turns and walks down the stairs*

Where are you going?

Someone has to get this place moving. As your pilot, I'm required to take this place off Auto-pilot, else I wouldn't be doing my job. *goes away*

You know, my brother still hasn't shown up yet.

What do you expect him to do? Fly? We'll have Crys and Crystal check the ground as soon as we can.

Why us?

I always send you two to do thankless missions.


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(Final Fantasy VIII - Balamb Garden)