*Get Wise 25... ah crap, I'm all out of ideas for the intro narration part*

*standing beside the bed of Chrissy* How are you this morning?

*laying in her bed* I'm getting there. The jello is getting sickening though.

I thought you liked the cherry flavor.

I did... until I've had to have it all this time. I wonder what idiot decided not to vary the flavors for me.

... *lowers head*

It was you Orak?

I never thought you'd call me an idiot.

I'm sorry. *reaches for a hug from her bed*

*hugs Chrissy* I see the wound still hasn't completely healed.

Its amazing I'm still alive right now.

I didn't have a doubt in my mind. I knew you were safe and sound.

*enters with a clipboard* You always were a bad liar.

What are you doing you old fart?

Well, I'm here with the results of the tests.

What do they say?

The sword barely missed her heart and lungs, but she lost a vast amount of blood.

Is there any way to help her?

The magic life support system I have her on right now will sustain her for as long as we need, but unless we can find the blood of a dragon, she won't be able to fight again.

Blood of a dragon?

I'll be fine honey.

Could Kyra possibly donate some blood?

Possibly. I'd have to run some tests on her.

I'll be fine. Really. I just... *starts to close her eyes* Need some sleep... *falls asleep*


Let her rest, Orakio. Let her rest.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Innocent Sea)