*somewhere still outside*

Now... if I were my brother, where would I be? *thinks* Nah... I'd never find him at a nudie bar. Think Orakian, think!

*Orakio walks around... pretty much in circles*

Dammit, where am I?

Voice: Orakio? Is that you?

*draws sword and turns around* Who's there?

*reveals self from behind a tree* Orakio! It is you!

Ali you old dog. You mean I'm back in Oasis?

Oasis is off west. How'd you get here?

I just kept walking. I'm looking for my twin brother and his look-a-like sister. Have you seen them?

Can't say as though I have.

*flies in* Orakio?

What is this place? Reunion Village?

Actually... *points to a sign that says "Welcome to Reunion Village*


So it is you.

Where have you been Trunklehead? Control could have used you against the Dark Entity.

Sorry. I haven't had a whole lot of confidence in my ability.

You planning on coming back to control?

No. Especially not with Chief Al back in office.

You can't stand the stench either, can you?

Sadly, no, I can't. That is why I feel I lack power.

Well, as much as I'd like to chat, have you seen Rulakir anywhere?

Nope. But, if you wait here, he's probably bound to show up.

Why do you say that?

*shrugs* Because this is Reunion City?

Good point.

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(Sword of Mana - Field 1)